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International Bestselling Author

As a passionate writer and author, Sarah uses her voice to help others navigate through difficult times.

Infertility Saved My Life: Healing PCOS From The Inside Out

Discover Sarah's inspiring journey as she candidly shares the emotional, physical, and mental challenges and triumphs she faced on her path to becoming a mother of three beautiful children. Sarah is dedicated to breaking the silence surrounding infertility and miscarriage, offering invaluable support to those still awaiting the joy of welcoming a baby into their lives.

Sarah's impactful memoir, which also contains insight and practical exercises, is available across major online retailers and global bookstores. For a personalised touch, signed author copies can be purchased directly through this website. Click below to learn more about Sarah's compelling story and to secure your copy.

Radio InterviewSarah talks about her book
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Business, Life and the Universe Volume 11

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This book became an international bestseller in 2023. Forewords are written by James Redfield, author of 'The Celestine Prophecy', film producer, screenwriter and lecturer, and Ken Honda, author of 'Happy Money' and a Mindvalley teacher. Sarah's chapter is titled 'The Art of Transformation - Grief and Growth through Life Changes'. Click here to purchase your copy!

Business, Life and the Universe Volume 3

This book became a number one international bestseller in 2020. Sarah's chapter shares how she navigated through the challenges of 2020 by drawing on the wisdom she gained while lying in intensive care in 2009. Click here to purchase your copy!

Magazine Articles

WILD Mag - This is the leading magazine for women improvement and Sarah's article is titled ‘Keep Trusting the Journey and Yourself’.


Thrive Global Magazine - Founded by Arianna Huffington, this magazine covers important topics such as well-being, wisdom, wonder, purpose, sleep, special sections and community. Read Sarah's article!

Modern Warrior Magazine - Sarah was a regular contributor to this international lifestyle magazine delivering captivating articles and stories to empower, inspire and influence change. The magazine strived to deliver a publication that mirrored personal and professional interests, including topics such as: Parenting, Health, Wellness, Leadership, Finance, Mindset, Conscious Living and so much more. Sarah's articles can be found in the following editions: May 2021, June 2021, September 2021, October 2021, November 2021, December 2021 and January 2022. Read Sarah's articles

Medium, McGill MediaSimple Reminders and Catherine B Roy - Sarah has written numerous insightful articles and posts on life and spirituality since 2014. Sarah's words have been read by millions of people worldwide who wish to heal, love themselves, achieve more and transform their lives from the inside out, but often don't know where to begin. 


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