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It's Time!

Today I learnt of the passing of a man I did not know.

He was not rich and famous. He was humble and wise. He shared messages of positivity and hope, with the dream of making a difference. Someone who touched the lives of so many people connected around the world with one thing in common; their desire to help others. I can feel the pain of those who were blessed to know him and call him their friend. I feel grateful to be part of this community that recognises he made a difference and the outpouring of love has warmed my heart; his memory lives on.

How can we all ensure his death was not in vain?

We can look at our own lives and recognise it’s time. Time to book that trip, write your book, quit that job, leave your relationship, say sorry, tell someone you love them. Learn to play the guitar, jump in puddles in the rain, lie under the stars until you can no longer keep your eyes open. Start your own business, climb that mountain, ignore your phone for 24 hours, dance with your children in the kitchen, swim in the ocean at night, send that email. What is your soul urging you to do? And what are you waiting for? External factors will never be perfect, the stars will never align as you would like. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. What if right now is that perfect moment and you’ve let it go?

You can’t get that moment back.

None of us is immune from our own mortality. We are not always blessed to be given a second chance. I was one of the lucky ones; this is the reason I write and share what I have learned. It's time for you to be authentically you, shine your light and move towards your dreams, even if you don't know exactly where they're taking you. It's not a race. But staying frozen, rooted in fear, is unfortunately not a good enough reason to not even try.

You have two choices.

Remain stagnant where you’ll continue to experience the certainty of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Or open your heart to discomfort mixed with a splash of fear, but with the possibility of making genuine positive change. Change not just for you, but for those around you. Your life awaits and you have the key. But you need to be prepared to look for the door, even when the lights are off, and the darkness scares you. There will be many doors enticing you to walk through, all different shapes, colours and sizes. That journey into the unknown can be overwhelming. But opening the wrong door, if there is such a thing (I don't believe there is), doesn't mean you can't close it again. You’re not forced to keep walking through it. You can take the learning with you and try a different door to see if it fits better.

Remember that the paths you have taken in the past have got you to this point in time.

They have made you who you are. They were the right decisions. Who you are in this moment, the person that stands before you when you look in the mirror is perfect. You are unique, special and a beautiful blessing to this strange world. Don't ever doubt that. In the words of Courtney C. Stevens: "If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change, make some." Please don't die with the music still inside you, a whole world is waiting for you to explore. We all deserve to hear the interpretation of your song. I want to listen to YOUR song. Set yourself free and live the life you were destined to. And do it now, it’s time!

With love,

Sarah x


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