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Life Gives You What You Need, Not What You Want

When you’re working through a barrage of challenges, life can feel relentless.

Praying for a break or something to be different, the hard stuff keeps showing up. You long for ‘normal,’ whatever that is, or a constant in amongst the chaos. During these difficult times, it’s natural to try to avoid your issues because facing them is confronting. But your problems will always find you in the end, and resistance just delays the inevitable. At best they’ll be postponed. At worst they’ll hit you even harder, perhaps when your tank is already empty, and there’s nothing left in reserve to draw strength from. Your heart starts to close as you pull back from life, all of it, including the good.

When difficulties arise, you're given three chances to hear and respond.

The first message is delivered as a gentle nudge from the universe suggesting change is made. If you don’t listen, a painful slap follows close behind. One you feel quite profoundly, but often still choose to ignore. Continuing to bury your head in the sand is an option. However, be prepared for the rug to be literally pulled out from beneath you at any moment. If you get to this point, your life will be sent into disarray as the wall tumbles down brick by brick. You won’t have enough hands to catch all the falling pieces, and any attempt will be fruitless as numerous fragments fall through your fingers. Left questioning why this is happening, you wonder where you went wrong.

So, what’s the alternative?

Firstly, stop what you’re doing and breathe. Breathe deeply, perhaps for the first time in a long time. Get still. Listen to your intuition. Your soul knows all the answers to every problem you face. Each jigsaw piece will be revealed at the right time. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, this is vital. It’s okay to need and ask for help from others. Most people will be there for you because we’re all connected and desire the same things from life: love, peace, happiness. For those that aren’t, let them go. Walk towards your difficulties. This seems like a contradiction but is the only way to navigate your way through hurdles.

When you embrace all aspects of life, warts and all, the intensity of the situation lessens, and space is created to soften the harsh edges.

Understanding that you’ve been given what you need, instead of what you want, will help guide you through the near impossible with more ease and grace. Remember there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Keep digging deep, these tribulations are being offered to you for resolution. Don’t allow fear to be the reason you don’t deal with difficulties. Tough periods provide an opportunity for substantial personal growth, to finally be who you need to be. That’s such a blessing. Healing wounds enables you to move forward in your life and reap the benefits of doing so. Even when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, know that one day you’ll look back at your life and be able to join up all the dots. The jigsaw puzzle will be complete, and you’ll understand how everything made perfect sense, despite the heartache of imperfection.

Trust yourself, you’ve got this, keep going!

With love,

Sarah x


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