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The Value of a Moment

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when you looked into another person’s eyes and for the first time saw beyond their mask?

When you felt their vulnerability, their authenticity, and who they really are.

Those heartfelt moments feel more profound than others because they’re the space where two souls meet.

Where each person’s energy merges and sometimes even feels as one. Often no words are exchanged; they’re not needed. A connection is felt on a soul level.

As the saying goes, “Our eyes are the window to the soul.”

Why? Because if we look deeply into the eyes of another person, they reveal our true feelings. Our sadness, pain or happiness. Wounds that cut so many layers of our core. When words are not enough to express the trauma that someone has lived through and desperately tried to forget. A spark of attraction, a twinkle in the eye that cannot be denied. A connection so strong it’s as if two people have known one another all their lives. If you believe in reincarnation, perhaps they have.

Our eyes show the world our heartfelt compassion and understanding.

These moments are powerful, sometimes even life-changing. But we can’t hold on to them. And when they’re over, we can’t get them back. These moments become a distant memory filled with laughter or tears. We realise that some of the things we spent yesterday worrying about are gone — instead replaced by today’s worries and concerns. So how will you choose to spend this moment? Are the issues you’re focussed on right now that important?

In my life, I have experienced some of the most compelling moments of connection during my toughest days.

Those times when I’ve felt downtrodden and defeated. When I’ve questioned every aspect of my life. When the light at the end of the tunnel was merely a glimmer in the distance. We’ve all had those moments, some more than others. But if we’re lucky enough to have been met by a smile, a hug and someone who genuinely cared; those moments are golden. They help us navigate through our challenges. They provide hope.

So remember to hold onto those you love a bit tighter, for longer and be fully present with them.

This moment, right now, is all there is. Be aware that every moment fades into a memory which can be lamented over or used as inspiration to put one foot in front of the other. To keep going, even when it’s painful. To persevere despite an unclear path. Each moment has a purpose, even if it’s only possible to see what, why and how when it’s firmly in the past. Each moment has value, make it count.

Much love,

Sarah x


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