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We Can Be Better - Melbourne's Second Lockdown

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. It was only a month ago that restrictions began to be lifted in Melbourne and life was starting to return to a new normal. Many of us had welcomed our face to face clients back with open arms, businesses were opening again and children had returned to school, happy to be reunited with their friends and teachers.

Fast forward to today, and Melbourne has just finished day two of another six-week lockdown. With the rapid rise in coronavirus cases, I believe we will do well to be on the other side of this after only six weeks.

What’s interesting, is the contrast in how Australians are responding to this second wave. Whereas in March, Australia was united with a feeling of we’re all in this together, now the country is turning on each other. Victorians have become lepers, despite only a small percentage of people breaking the rules, unfortunately leading to the state’s rapid and serious downfall.

This situation deepened my curiosity about what drives our behaviour. Fear is often at the forefront of less positive interactions and words, so for some people, this will understandably be the case. But a lack of empathy may be more fitting as this ‘them’ and ‘us’ divide worsens.

At a time when Victorians need compassion and love, judgement and ridicule have taken centre stage. The reality is that this may be wave two of ten waves, or more, not just for us, but for any state, and any country. If the world doesn’t come out of this until 2022, that’s a long time to be fighting each other, rather than supporting one another.

As with anything in life, we can’t change what has happened, but we can choose how we respond. We can consistently choose love not fear. We can choose compassion, not judgement. We can choose each other and remember we are all connected. We can choose to be better.

Much love,

Sarah x

Sarah Willoughby is a Personal Growth Coach, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer and Infertility Advocate, empowering people to be their best version and fulfil their dreams. If you’re ready to do the inner work, book a free 30-minute consultation to explore how we can work together at or book a 1:1 online Mentorship session at


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