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Gratitude Meditation

Feeling grateful helps to reduce stress, improve resilience and increase joy. This guided meditation connects you to your heart space so you can cultivate feelings of gratitude for all you have and attract more abundance in all forms into your life.

Gratitude Meditation

  • Meditation Includes the following tracks:

    - 'Gratitude Meditation' by Sarah Willoughby 2020©

    'Guitar Intro' by Isaac Willoughby 2020©

    - 'Within Yourself Relaxation SES' by Covvie from

    'Within Yourself Relaxation SES' Includes samples from:

    - 'Binaural Hum Reverb' by George Vlad of Alchemy Audio Design *

    - 'ind-chimes.mp3' by mcushman1969 from *

    - 'Wind on Wind 1' by Robert Fripp & Brian Eno *

    - 'Summer Fields (soft fade)' by Rudy Adrian *

    * Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License

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